Corporate Financial Advisory


Corporate Finance

Companies seeking to apply for a loan, or seeking their Board’s approval for a project, are required to show a project cashflow analysis. Which will provide clear details and scenarios on the financial implications of the project over a specific period of years, and cashflow projections. This helps the company to have firm understanding and confidence of the project financials, and to helps to identify areas of the plan that needs improvement. The report also serves as a working model that is dynamic and can be used throughout the lifetime of the project. Furthermore, it is an effective way to communicate to lenders, investors and the Board and gain their confidence.

Valuation is both art and science. Be it a startup or a mature business, an asset-intensive business, or an IP business. We help you to articulate your financial and non-financial selling points, and your drawbacks. We help all companies to define and communicate their company’s value in financial terms. Our valuation report goes over our different methodologies, thought process and data. This report is useful for management & board for internal assessment and to lead discussions with prospective investors. It is also useful for founders & shareholders who wish to exit, exercise options, purchase more, borrow against their stake, or as part of valuing their estate, or to share with their wealth managers.

We advise clients who are considering either buying a business or selling their business. Companies get acquired every day, and some merge with others as well. We help our clients through out the entire process, from the moment they had the initial thought, or received an offer, to putting together a data room, analyzing financials, and negotiating with interested parties. We guide our clients to ensure that they get a deal that best matches their underlying desires and constraints. 

Management Consulting

If you are considering a new business, or you want to rethink your existing business strategy, our personalized Strategy & Business Model consulting is ideal for you. From our experience with operating, and directly investing in businesses, we witnessed first-hand that smart financial and strategic decisions could propel many businesses in their quest to out-compete rivals and satisfy customers.

Ever wondered how to safeguard each step of your business that involves movement of cash (both physical cash and digital payments)? From invoicing, to receiving funds, depositing funds, and even paying vendors. Setting the right financial controls and procedures is the hack that reduces risk and improves efficiency.

ESG is an important aspect in every business, however, the term may have been oversimplified over the years, such that it seems to be a buzzwork and synonym for words like “green” and “ethical”. 

Environmental – Your company’s impact on the environment in the course of their day-to-day operations. Their source of electricity on the office, disposal of waste, recycling practices etc.

Social – Your company’s relationship with stakeholders – the community, government, employees, investors etc.

Governance – Processes and rules that guide how the company is governed. A company’s internal governance should be a set of rules and procedures that when followed, ensures the company complies with laws, regulations, and their internal policies.

We work with companies to draft their own unique ESG Operational Manual. We also assist companies in creating periodic ESG Reports.

You can add value to a company by increasing (growing) its free cash, and by reducing its risk. The latter is often neglected. Do you need hedging? What are the pros and cons? How much hedging is appropriate? For how long? How to go about it? We help our clients answer these questions. We help you create strategies to manage your exposure to commodities and currencies.



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