We established our Corporate Finance & Strategy practice, called Prairie Crossing Advisory (PCA), with a mission to help businesses understand and manage their finances better. From our experience with operating, and directly investing in businesses, we realized that smart financial decisions could propel many businesses in their quest to out-compete rivals and satisfy customers.

Virtual CFO

At PCA, we stand in as the CFO for our clients. Helping our clients set up and maintain their financial process and aligning financial plans with the client’s firm-wide strategy. Prairie Crossing Advisory has impacted and transformed several businesses with our CFO service. This service leverages our human capital to help businesses run better and make sound financial decisions. Our aim is to help you accelerate your business growth, and become a leader in your industry, by revenue and market share.

Fundraising Consultancy

Emerging businesses with great plans and impressive track record are usually in need of capital for expansion, operational and refinancing. However, many have a tough time navigating the capital raising task.

We help businesses make decisions regarding the amount of capital structure, identifying aligned investors and so on.

Prairie Crossing Advisory provides a lucid and innovative approach to capital raising.

  • Timely data and financial reports
  • Better understanding of your company’s numbers
  • Informed and data-driven decision making
  • Compliance with financial reporting standards
  • Access to a team of experts instead of just one

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