Fixed Deposit Fund

Our fixed deposit fund helps investors to safely earn attractive interest on their deposits.

  • Competent Team: PCCM’s highly qualified and experienced investment management team is complemented by an Advisory Board with substantial business, finance and investment management expertise.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Most Nigerians are over exposed to fixed income securities. About 84% of pension fund assets in Nigeria are invested in government securities and money market. The diversification portfolio we constructed provides exposure to more assets classes, thereby allowing for higher targeted returns.
  • Focused Investment Process: Our investments are made based on our economic analysis, and portfolio policy. Every investment pitch is discussed and reviewed by the investment committee before execution.
  • Risk Management: For every small business we provide significant credit to, we also provide them with financial advisory and accounting service to mitigate risk. Our equities and fixed income investments have set stops loss thresholds.
  • Impact: Above all, investors choose Prairie Crossing because of our bigger purpose – youth development. We are known to invest in young businesses, and businesses that inherently benefit the next generations. We help investors to partake in fortifying the Nation’s future.

Direct Investments

By helping businesses run better, we are rebuilding our communities. Get a chance to invest alongside us, as we rebuild our community! Sign up for our direct investment program, and we will share vetted investment opportunities (debt and equity) in thriving businesses.

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